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Friends of Morocco (FOM)
and National Peace Corps Association (NPCA)
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Join the National Peace Corps Association.

Membership in the NPCA is complimentary for everyone in the Peace Corps community - serving Peace Corps Volunteers, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, current Peace Corps staff, former Peace Corps staff, host country nationals and anyone who shares Peace Corps ideals, so long as we have accurate service and contact information for you.

The NPCA is a mission-driven organization that champions the Peace Corps community in its efforts to continue making a global impact. We rely on the generosity and commitment of our Mission Partners to achieve this impact. Mission Partners - community members who invest in the NPCA through the Peace Corps Community Fund - are at the core of our work. Whether you are a current or Returned Volunteer, a Peace Corps staff member, or an individual who believes in the ideals and value of Peace Corps, become a Mission Partner by contributing to the Peace Corps Community Fund today.

Make our mission your mission.

We invite you to become a Mission Partner.

Contribute to the Peace Corps Community Fund

The Peace Corps Community Fund provides the NPCA with the resources to carry out central elements of our mission, including:

  1. providing additional support for Peace Corps Volunteers in the field
  2. offering services and resources to RPCVs to help them thrive
  3. mobilizing the community in response to humanitarian emergencies
  4. lobbying for funding that will increase the number of Volunteers in the field to 10,000
  5. bringing our community’s collective knowledge and expertise to bear on the formulation of U.S. policy toward the countries Peace Corps serves

One can also join other RPCV member groups such as a geographic group e.g. The Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Washington, DC (group website) or special interest group e.g. Committee for a Museum of the Peace Corps Experience (group website)  and the High Atlas Foundation (Morocco)

Please Note: Donations to Friends of Morocco and the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) can be tax deductible

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