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Moroccan Cooking

Recipes by type of dish

  Crepes, Beghrir, Pancakes
  Mini Pastries
  Bastila Pastry

  Tajine and Roasted Meat: Veal and Beef
  Tajine and Roasted Meat: Lamb and Mutton
  Tajine and Roasted Meat: Chicken and other Poultry
  Tajine and Roasted Meat: Fish

  Vegetable Dishes
  Cakes, cookies and pastries (including meat pastries)
  Mint tea
  Other Beverages

If you like the recipes from a particular organization and would like to search on that basis, please use these links:

       Epicurious food web site Variations on a Moroccan theme:  Selections from Bon Appetit and Gourmet Food @ Epicurious.Com
       Maison Kenzi
       Paula Wolfert web site, which is an encyclopedic search engine of the world’s leading, published cookbooks and offers 121 Moroccan

    Mon Maghréb proposes to let you know the thousand and one flavors of Maghreb cuisine: Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. The site's recipe: simplicity and good taste. To discover the secrets of Algerian almond chicken, Tunisian couscous or Moroccan "Wonders of Sardines", a quick tour of the Mon Maghréb portal is a must. You will then know that Algerian rice is simmering with onions, carrots, peas, fresh tomatoes and cumin ... and you will already have it in your mouth. Sweet, salty, sweet, bitter, all the tastes of the cuisine of the three Maghreb countries spread out before your eyes before making it under your taste buds. The recipes, embellished with enticing photos, are very simple. Even approximate for some and are, therefore, aimed more at "initiates" who already know the ropes of this subtle cuisine.

    PC/Morocco 2007 cookbook for volunteers (1.9 mb PDF)

    What to bring to a Moroccan potluck

    Supplies / spices

star   Moroccan foods from North America's leading online gourmet food and gift retailer. Offering over 800 specialty cheeses, thousands of fine foods, and a complete line of exquisite gift baskets, each accompanied by detailed information and useful serving suggestions, is the preferred place to shop for connoisseurs across North America. Founded and operated by industry veterans, is a trusted resource for millions of gourmet food shoppers. 
star   Marhaba International, Inc. aka Kalustyan’s has evolved from a New York spice shop into a comprehensive source for international ingredients of many kinds, complete with three Web sites and a busy mail order business.
  Argan Oil:  The newest oil in the American pantry, one that is intriguing chefs enough that they are developing dishes to showcase it, is argan, from Morocco.
star   Argan by includes overview and links (some dead) and papers (in French)from a conference - Journees d'etude sur l'arganier - sponsored by Environment Ministry and the held in Essaouira, September 1995.
star   Argan Distributor for North America is a former Moroccan journalist, Aziz Alaoui who lives in Montreal.  The oil is expensive (about $40) for a small bottle but the decline in argan trees has made it somewhat scarce.  The money also goes to a good cause.  The cooperatives give women a business and they in turn are saving the argan trees.
    Preserved lemons are a common, though often unrecognized, flavoring in Moroccan food. They lend an almost indecipherable sweet and sour flavor to couscous, vegetable and meat tagines, and are used in myriad dishes with chicken and seasoned olives.
references and recipes:
       Preserved Lemon
       Preserved lemons (confit de citron)  (Maison Kenzi)
       Salted Preserved Lemons (Food Network.Com Recipe)
     Ras el Hanout Spice Blend (Recipe by Kitty Morse)

     ZamouriSpices claims to be the largest and most established Moroccan Gourmet Spice Company in the USA and the largest distributors of Argan oil to cosmetic companies and culinary establishments in North America
Majid Elbertai ZamouriSpices (an Elbertai Company LLC) 913-829-5988 866-329-5988 Fax# 913-390-1790
Address: 12355 S. Parker Ter Olathe, KS 66061

    Haddouch Gourmet Imports, Inc. Argan and olive oil, harissa sauce, olives and preserved lemons
1445 Elliott Avenue West
Seattle, Washington 98119
Toll Free 1-866-445-5566 Phone 206-382-1706 Fax 206-382-1958

star    Meska Sweets
Meska Sweets offers Gluten-free authentic artisanal Moroccan treats that are hand-made in Englewood NJ, minutes from Manhattan, in small batches using all-natural ingredients (no preservatives and no artificial flavors).  Our best sellers are the GF Orange Blossom & Almonds, GF Almonds Crescents (Corne de Gazelle) and GF Matcha & Walnuts treats. We offer delicious edible gifts for you to offer, in lieu of chocolate, boxes of lovely Moroccan treats you can indulge on with your colleagues and loved ones. We ship nationwide. Email:  Phone: 646-580-4960  Instagram: #meskasweets

    Cooking stories
           Fifty Tetouani ways to serve chicken
           Univ. of Pennsylvania suggestions on serving Moroccan cuisine


      Black Olives with Harissa (
      Cigars (Beef or lamb sausage-shaped appetizer) (Morocco USA)
      Crisp cooked vegetable (Morocco USA)
      Fried Beet Greens (Morocco USA)
      Kebab Koutbane (UPenn African Studies recipe for tiny beef kebabs in a Moorish marinade)
      Marinated Olives (Morocco USA)
      Spiced Eggs and Tomatoes (Morocco USA)

  Crepes / Beghrir / Pancakes

         Beghrir or tulle pancake (Morocco USA)
         Beghrir or Tulle Pancake   (Recipes By Abderrahim Bargache)
         Beghrir (La
·         Moroccan Honeycomb Pancakes Breakfast The Washington Post, September 24, 2008
In many parts of the Middle East, pancakes are synonymous with Ramadan. As Muslims begin their fast at sunup each morning, bakers are already busy at work. Walking down an ...
       Crpes (La
         Harcha or Pancake of Semolina (Morocco USA)
         Harcha or Pancakes of Semolina   (Recipes By Abderrahim Bargache)
         Msemmen or foliated pancakes (Morocco USA)
         Msemmen Pancakes  (Recipes By Abderrahim Bargache)

  Mini Pastries

       Briouattes  with Kefta   (
       Briouats With Kefta  (Abderrahim Bargache)
       Briouats With Fish   (Abderrahim Bargache)
       Briouates with Almonds  (
       Briouats or foliated with fish (Morocco USA)
       Briouats with Kefta (Morocco USA)

  Bastila Pastry

      B'stilla (Shredded Chicken Pie) (Morocco USA)
       Individual B'stillas (Chicken And Almond Pies) (Food.Epicurious.Com)
       Bastila  (
       Pastille With Almonds And Pigeons   (Recipes By Abderrahim Bargache)
       Vegetarian B'stella with Fubaa  (Imperial Fez Restaurant)
       B'stella with Cornish Hen  (Imperial Fez Restaurant)
       B'stella with Squabb  (Imperial Fez Restaurant)


      Carrot soup:
         Carrot Soup (Morocco USA)
         Carrot Soup ("A Passion for Vegetables: Simple and Inspired Recipes from Around the Globe" by Paul Gayler
       Chick Pea Soup (Morocco USA)
       Chick-Pea Tomato Stew  (Food.Epicurious.Com)
       Chorba Fassia    (Recipes By Abderrahim Bargache)
         Harira (Morocco USA)
         Harira aux lentilles (La
         Harira aux pois chiches (La
         Harira  (
         Harira    (Recipes By Abderrahim Bargache)
         Harira Soup  (Imperial Fez Restaurant)
         Harira (lamb, lentil and chickpea soup)  (Maison Kenzi)
       Lamb, Spinach, And Couscous Soup  (Food.Epicurious.Com)
       Pumpkin Soup with Harissa (Morocco USA)
       Spiced Red Lentil Soup  (Food
       Vegetable Soup (Morocco USA)


       Carrot salads:
         Carrot and Red Bell Pepper Salad  (
         Carrot and Orange Salad  (
         Carrot Raisin salad (Morocco USA)
         Carrot-raisin Salad Variation (Sun-Maid Raison Co)
         Carrot Salad  (Food
         Salad of rasped carrots with orange (Morocco USA) (Morocco USA)
         Salad of Rasped Carrots with Orange   (Abderrahim Bargache)
         Sweet and Sour Carrot Salad  (Imperial Fez Restaurant)
       Couscous salads:
         Couscous and Chicken Salad with Orange-Balsamic Dressing  (Bon Appetit June 1993)
         Couscous and Lamb Salad  (Bon Appetit)
         Couscous Salad with Shrimp and Mint  (Bon Appetit May 1994)
         Couscous Salad with Peppers, Olives, and Pine Nuts (Gourmet July 1994)
         Couscous Vegetable Salad (Bon Appetit May 1995)
         Dilled Couscous Salad with Chicken  (Bon Appetit)
         Hurricane Marilyn's Couscous and Lentil Salad  (Gourmet July 1997)
         Lemon Couscous Salad with Spinach, Scallions, and Dill  (Gourmet May 1994 )
         Mediterranean Couscous Salad with Roasted Vegetables  (Bon Appetit August 1997)
         Tomato, Basil and Couscous Salad  (Bon Appetit August 1995)
       Eggplant salads:
         Batinjaan Zalud (UPenn African Studies recipe for Eggplant Salad)
         Eggplant Salad  (
         Eggplant salad la tamu (Morocco USA)
         Eggplant Zaalouk  (Imperial Fez Restaurant)
         Salad Zalouk (salad of eggplant) (Morocco USA)
         Salad Zalouk (Salad of Eggplant)  (Recipes By Abderrahim Bargache)
         Zaalouk  (
         Zalouk - Moroccan salad  (Maison Kenzi)
·         Zulu Zaalook Main Course The Washington Post, November 9, 2005 Preserved lemon teams up with green olives and vinegar for a tart counterpart to the eggplant in this traditional Moroccan eggplant dish. Preserved lemons, with their unusual pickled flavor, are ..
       Green pepper and tomato salad:
         Cooked tomato & green pepper salad (Morocco USA)
         Green Bell Pepper and Tomato Salad (Morocco USA)
         Grilled Tomato and Bell Pepper Salad  (Imperial Fez Restaurant)
         Salad of Tomatoes and fried bell peppers (Morocco USA)
         Salad Of Tomatoes And Fried Bell Pepper   (Recipes By Abderrahim Bargache)
       Green salads:
         Spinach Salad with Moroccan Lemon (Morocco USA)
         Mixed Greens with Garlic, Cumin and Paprika  (Food
         Sh'ladda d'el Khiar (Green Salad)  (Imperial Fez Restaurant)
         Watercress and Butter Lettuce Salad: Shlada De-al Jorjor Ain El Maa  (Food
       Lentils:          Lentil Salad (Recipe by Kitty Morse)
         Warm Lentil and Rice Salad (Morocco USA)
         Salad of Soft Potatoes    (Recipes By Abderrahim Bargache)
         Salad of soft potatoes (Morocco USA)
       Miscellaneous salads:
         Beet Salad (Morocco USA)
         Cucumber Salad with Mint (Morocco USA)
         Diced lemon onion & parlsey salad (Morocco USA)
         Fava bean salad (Morocco USA)
         Salade de bekkoula (Mauve) (La
         Salade de fves (La
         Tomato, Onion and Preserved Lemon Salad (Morocco USA)
·         Moroccan Ratatouille With Dates Main Course The Washington Post, March 26, 2008 This slightly sweet dish can be served with couscous or as an accompaniment to grilled meats or fish. It is seasoned with ras el hanout, a classic spice mixture used ...

       Chickpea Flatbread  (Food
       Fennel Sesame Bread  (
       Fried Bread with Cinnamon (Morocco USA)
       Khobz, Whole Wheat Flat Bread (Morocco USA)


       Amalou (Morocco USA)
       Bacha's Moroccan salad dressing  (Morocco USA)
         Chermoula for Fish (Morocco USA)
         Chermoula For Fish   (Recipes By Abderrahim Bargache)
         Tomato Chermoula Sauce (Morocco USA)
         Harrissa Sauce  (Imperial Fez Restaurant)
         Red Pepper Sauce (Harissa) (Morocco USA)
         Red Pepper Sauce (The Frugal Gourmet on our Immigrant Ancestors)
·         Moroccan Marinade Condiment The Washington Post, December 2, 2009 Marinate Cornish hens or leg of lamb in this assertively flavored mixture for 1 to 2 hours (unfrozen). Roast or saute to finish the dish; the marinade can ...

  Tajines and Roasted Meat: Veal and Beef

       Beef Kefta On Skewers With Chopped Vegetable Salad   (recipe by Paula Wolfert)
       Kebab  (
       Kebab With Marinated Meat  (Recipes By Abderrahim Bargache)
       Kebab with marinated meat (Morocco USA)
       Osso Buco With Mushroom Sauce (Gourmet February 1996)
       Rice and Meat Balls  (Morocco USA)
       Spiced Beef (Food.Epicurious.Com)
       Tagine of meat and prunes (Morocco USA)
       Tagine Of Meat And  Prunes  (Recipes By Abderrahim Bargache)
       Tongue with Olives and Mushrooms (Morocco USA)
       Veal Tagine with Carrots (Morocco USA)
       Veal Tagine With Carrots  (Recipes By Abderrahim Bargache)

  Tajines and Roasted Meat: Lamb and Mutton

       Barbecued Lamb with Chermoula (Morocco USA)
       Braised Lamb Shoulders  (Australian Lamb Producers)
       Kebab  (
       Lamb and onions/shallots  (Maison Kenzi)
       Lamb and Quince Stew  (
       Lamb And Quince Stew  (Gourmet January 1998)
       Lamb Chops  (Food
       Lamb Chops  (Food
       Lamb Chops (Food.Epicurious.Com)
       Lamb Kebabs (Quotban) (Morocco USA)
       Lamb M'hammer  (Imperial Fez Restaurant)
       Lamb Sausage Patties  (Food
       Lamb Smothered with Okra and Quince (recipe by Paula Wolfert)
       Lamb Smothered with Olives (Food
       Lamb Smothered with Olives  (recipe by Paula Wolfert)
       Lamb Stew Ciuba (Gourmet February 1997)
       Lamb Stew with Preserved Lemons (Food
       Lamb with artichoke and green peas (Morocco USA)
       Lamb with Artichoke and Green Peas  (Recipes By Abderrahim Bargache)
       Lamb With Artichoke And Sweet Peas  (Tajines.Com)
       Lamb with Dates  (Tagine lahm Bil Beleh) (Morocco USA)
       Lamb with Figs and Walnuts (Morocco USA)
       Lamb with olives  (
       Lamb with Pear Tagine  (Recipe by Ted Taylor)
       Lamb with Pear  (Tajines.Com)
       Lamb with potatoes, zucchini and artichoke hearts  (Maison Kenzi)
       Lamb with prunes (
       Lamb, zucchini and peas  (Maison Kenzi)
       Mechoui   (Recipes By Abderrahim Bargache)
       Mechoui (Morocco USA)
       Mechoui  (
       Mourouzia (Recipes By Abderrahim Bargache)
       Mourouzia (Morocco USA)
       Rice and Meat Balls (Morocco USA)
       Roast Lamb with Spices (Morocco USA)
       Tanjia Marrakchia   (Recipes By Abderrahim Bargache)
       Tanjia Marrakchia (Morocco USA)
Ø       Moroccan Braised Lamb Main Course The Washington Post, November 10, 2010 Joan Nathan's headnote for this recipe tells a story: "For ... French Jews from North Africa, couscous (a term that refers both to the stew and to the grain) is ..

  Tajines and Roasted Meat: Chicken and other Poultry

         Chicken and Potato Stew
         Chicken and Root Vegetable Stew (Jim Barricks)
         Chicken Tagine (Parade Magazine September 29, 2002)
         Chicken Stuffed with Couscous, Almonds and Raisins (Morocco USA)
         Chicken With Carrots  (Tajines.Com)
         Chicken With Kumquats And Prunes  (Bon Appetit November 1992)
         Chicken with Lemon (Food.Epicurious.Com)
         Chicken With Lemon And Olives  (Tajines.Com)
         Chicken  with preserved  lemon (
         Chicken with preserved lemon (Maison Kenzi)
         Chicken Tagine with Olives and Preserved Lemons (Food
         Chicken With Onions And Prunes (Food.Epicurious.Com)
         Middle Eastern Chicken (Gourmet May 1996)
         Middle Eastern Chicken (Gourmet May 1996)
         M'qalli Chicken With Olives And Preserved Lemon  (Recipes By Abderrahim Bargache)
         M'qalli chicken with olives and preserved lemon (Morocco USA)
         Moroccan Chicken With Spices (Food.Epicurious.Com)
         "Passport" Chicken (San Francisco chef Joyce Goldstein in Kitchen Conversations)
         Tajine de poulet au citron (La
·         David Dahan's Moroccan Chicken Tagine Main Course The Washington Post, September 8, 2004 For the Jewish High Holidays, kosher caterer David Dahan suggests a menu that mostly can be served at room temperature. Only the Moroccan Chicken Tagine requires reheating, but it can ...
·         Moroccan Chicken and Pearl Couscous Casserole Main Course The Washington Post, December 29, 2010 This dish is similar to a Moroccan tagine but comes with something extra: A pearl couscous side dish cooks along with the vegetables and chicken in one pot. Ras el ...
         Grilled Quail  (Imperial Fez Restaurant)
         Sauteed Quail With Paprika Sauce And Moroccan-Spiced Vegetables (Gourmet September 1998)
       Cornish Hens:        
·         Cornish Game Hens (Food.Epicurious.Com)
         Cornish Hens With Caraway Cabbage (Bon Appetit June 199)
         Cornish Hen with Lemon And Olives  (Imperial Fez Restaurant)
         Grilled Game Hen With Moroccan Spices (Food.Epicurious.Com)
         Roast Cornish Hens with Vegetables  (Food
         Tagine of Cornish Hens with Dried Plums and Toasted Almonds in Honey,
·         Ginger, and Cinnamon Sauce (Recipe by Kitty Morse)

  Tajines and Roasted Meat: Fish

       Crisp Atlantic Salmon on Lentils with Moroccan Spiced Tomato Sauce with Harissa  (Food
       Fish Tajine  (Imperial Fez Restaurant)
       Fish Tagine cooked in the oven (Morocco USA)
       Fish Tajine   (
       Fish Tagine Cooked In The Oven (Recipes By Abderrahim Bargache)
       Fish Tagine With Peppers And Olives (Food.Epicurious.Com)
       Fish with Dates (Morocco USA)
       Fish with Fresh Tomato Sauce (Morocco USA)
       Fried Fish With Moroccan-Style Herb Sauce (Food.Epicurious.Com)
       Grilled Swordfish with Charmoula (Food
       Moroccan Spiced White Fish (Food
       Red Snapper Papillotes With Lemon And Thyme (Gourmet January 1997)
       Salmon Skewers  (Food
       Salmon Tagine (Le Tarbouche Restaurant in Washington, DC)
       Sardine With Potatoes (Recipes By Abderrahim Bargache)
       Sardine with potatoes (Morocco USA)
       Seafood Bisteeya (recipe by Paula Wolfert)
       Seared Sesame Scallops (Gourmet April 1999)
       Spiced Salmon On Lentils (Morocco USA)
       Steamed Grouper served with Veggie Couscous and Sweet Wheat Grass Sauce (Food
       Tomatoes With Moroccan-Style Fish Stuffing  (Food.Epicurious.Com)
       Tuna with Herb and Spice Marinade (Thon Bi' Chermo) (Morocco USA)
       Whole Baked Fish (Morocco USA)
Ø       Moroccan Fish Stew Main Course, Soup The Washington Post, December 26, 2012 This one-pan meal is bright, intense and satisfyingly filling, given its ingredients. Using skin-on fish helps the delicate chunks from breaking up during cooking. Serve with something green on the ...
Ø       Moroccan Fish With Sweet Onion Jam Main Course The Washington Post, August 27, 2008 Paula Wolfert's original recipe called for tilefish, which these days is not recommend by sustainable-seafood experts. Instead, use any thick white fish such as monkfish, halibut, rockfish or cod. Wolfert ...


       Moroccan Pilaf  (Food
       Saffron Rice (Morocco USA)
       Orange Rice (Morocco USA)

  Moroccan Couscous From Mogador Side Dish The Washington Post, November 10, 2010 These days, instant couscous can be ready within minutes. However, this slightly longer process, which includes steaming the oiled grains, ensures a light, fluffy texture and harkens to the way ...

  Couscous with Herbs and Spices
       Chili-Flavored Couscous (Gourmet April 1992)
       Couscous With Cuminseed And Scallion (Gourmet January 1990)
       Couscous With Red Onion And Chives  (Gourmet November 1997)
       Couscous With Sage  (Food.Epicurious.Com)
       Curried Couscous  (Gourmet April 1995)
       Herbed Couscous With Lemon (Gourmet January 1993)
       Vegetable Couscous With Black Olives  (Gourmet January 1997)

  Couscous with Fruit and Nuts
       Couscous With Dried Apricots And Pistachios  (Bon Appetit June 1996)
       Couscous With Dried Apricots, Currants, And Pistachios (Gourmet September 1996)
       Couscous Timbales With Pistachios, Scallions, And Currants  (Gourmet July 1991)
       Lemon Couscous (Gourmet September 1992 )
       Minted Apricot Couscous (Gourmet June 1999)
       Pistachio Couscous  (Gourmet January 1998)
       Seffa : Couscous  with  Almonds  (
       Sweet Couscous With Raisins, Almonds and Argan Oil
       Sweet Couscous With Nuts And Dates  (Bon Appetit May 1995)  

  Couscous with Chicken or Other Poultry
       Chicken With Mustard-Seed Crust And Couscous (Gourmet May 1996)
       Chicken And Sausage Couscous (Gourmet November 1993)
       Couscous tfaya (with chicken, onions, chickpeas and raisins) (Maison Kenzi)
       Poached Chicken With Vegetables, Coriander And Saffron Couscous  (Food.Epicurious.Com)
       Seven vegetable couscous with chicken (Bensafiddine)  (Maison Kenzi)
       Smoked Turkey Salad With Grapes, Couscous, And Arugula (Gourmet October 1995)

  Couscous with Fish or Shellfish

       Coconut Milk Couscous Curry with Seared Scallops (Recipe by Kitty Morse)
       Couscous Risotto With Shrimp, Asparagus And Peas (Food.Epicurious.Com)
       Scallops And Saffron Couscous Strudel (Gourmet December 1993)
       Scallops And Couscous With Roasted Vegetables And Curry Sauce (Bon Appetit November 1997)

  Couscous with Lamb

       Couscous tfaya (with lamb, onions, chickpeas and raisins) (Maison Kenzi)
       Grilled Cumin-Lamb Pitas With Couscous  And Yogurt (Food.Epicurious.Com)
       Lamb With Couscous And Minted Fruit Chutney (Bon Appetit February 1996)
       Traditional Couscous with lamb and vegetables (

  Couscous with Meat
       Couscous with Meat and Vegetables  (Food
       Couscous with Meat and Vegetables (Food
       Roast Beef And Couscous Rolls  (Gourmet July 1990)

  Couscous with Vegetables
       Bidaoui Couscous with seven vegetables (Morocco USA)
       Bidawi Couscous with Seven Vegetables   (Recipes By Abderrahim Bargache)
       Couscous Beidaoui (Savoring Morocco by Kitty Morse)
       Couscous  (Imperial Fez Restaurant)
       Couscous a la Greque  (Bon Appetit)
       Couscous and Bulgur Pilaf (Bon Appetit September 1998)
       Couscous aux 7 lgumes (La
       Couscous Marrakesh  (UPenn African Studies recipe for Semolina Grain with Lamb and Chicken)
       Couscous with Chick-Peas and Tomatoes  (Bon Appetit November 1991)
       Couscous with Garbanzo Beans, Prunes and Almonds  (Bon Appetit November 1999)
       Couscous with vegetable greens
       Couscous with Zucchini and Cherry Tomatoes (Bon Appetit April 1997)
       Mediterranean Couscous and Lentil Salad (Gourmet September 1995)
       Seven-Vegetable Couscous with Chunky Onion Harissa (Food.Epicurious.Com)
       Simple Vegetable Couscous (Bon Appetit May 1995)
       Vegetable Couscous  (Food.Epicurious.Com)
       Vegetables for Couscous  (Imperial Fez Restaurant)
       Vegetable Stew with Couscous  (Food.Epicurious.Com)
Ø       Couscous With Seven Vegetables Side Dish | The Washington Post, March 1, 2006 Nazha Kasraoui learned to make her country's national dish -- which, despite its name, is made with any number of vegetables -- while growing up in Rabat. There are faster ...
Ø       Moroccan Vegetable Tagine over couscous Side Dish The Washington Post, November 30, 2005 This tagine, wrapped in foil packets with its rich, deep red sauce, is set off nicely atop a mound of couscous and garnished with chopped scallions. Make sure the leek ...

  Vegetable dishes
       Artichoke with Lemon and Olives (Imperial Fez Restaurant)
       Baked Cabbage with tomatoes (Morocco USA)
       Bysarra  (fava beans) (Imperial Fez Restaurant)
       Carrots  (Food.Epicurious.Com)
       Chick-Pea Tomato Stew With Moroccan Flavors (Gourmet January 1996)
       Lentil Soup (Morocco USA)
       Moroccan Stew with Squash (Food
       Patates douces aux raisins secs (La
       Salade de zaalouk d'aubergines  (La
       Spiced Carrots  (USA weekend)
       Spiced Carrots (Morocco USA)
Ø       Moroccan Spiced Carrots Side Dish The Washington Post, November 14, 2007Sweet potatoes traditionally are the vegetable that provides color to the Thanksgiving table. These carrots add color and international flair. MAKE AHEAD: Cut the carrots up to 2 days in ...
       Spicy Green Beans (Morocco USA)
       Spiced Vegetables (Morocco USA)
       Spiced Vegetables (Food.Epicurious.Com)
       Spicy Kale And Chick-Pea Stew  (Gourmet February 1992)
       Tagine of Mixed Vegetables (Morocco USA)
       Three Bean Pottage with Wheat Berries (Recipe by Kitty Morse)
       Vegetarian Berber Tajine  (Imperial Fez Restaurant)
       Vegetable Stew (Toronto Star article)
       White Nodule With Chickpeas And Onions (Recipes By Abderrahim Bargache)
Ø       Moroccan Chickpeas With Apples Side Dish The Washington Post, October 7, 2009 I'm always looking for interesting sides to pair with roasted or grilled meats. That way I don't have to fuss with the meat by coming up with a sauce or ...

  Cakes, cookies, and other desserts

       Almond macaroons (Morocco USA)
       Charosets (Morocco USA)
       Cinnamon Cookies (Morocco USA)
       Date Cake (Morocco USA)
       Dessert couscous (Morocco USA)
       Feqqas (
       Feqqas (Recipes By Abderrahim Bargache)
       Ghoriba with Almonds or Macaroons   (Recipes By Abderrahim Bargache)
       Harost Balls with Dates, Raisins and Nuts  (Food
       Honey Pastries (UPenn African Studies recipe)


       Briwatts with Fruits  (Imperial Fez Restaurant)
       Fresh Fruit Cocktail  (Imperial Fez Restaurant)
       Fresh Fruit Salad (Morocco USA)
       Fruit Salad (Morocco USA)
       Melon A La Morocaine (UPenn African Studies recipe)
       Orange Salad (Morocco USA)
       Orange with raisins  (
       Stuffed Dates (Morocco USA)
    Mint tea
       Mint Tea (Morocco USA)
       Mint Tea (Recipe by Kitty Morse)
       Mint Tea  (UPenn African Studies recipe)
       Mint Tea  (Food
       Mint Tea  (Imperial Fez Restaurant)
       Mint Tea Granita  (Food

  Other Beverages

       Almond milk (Morocco USA)
       Apple milk drink (sharbat)  (Morocco USA) 

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