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    FOM Yellow Pages  Addresses (Postal and Web) and telephone information of key institutions

    Telecontact: Les pages jaunes du Maroc

Morocco Meta Sites

    Government of Morocco Ministry of Communication Morocco site.  See also Portal of Morocco and Moroccan Government on the WWW.   The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Washington, DC and the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco in New York, NY both have web sites.
    The Moroccan News Board is a portal for Moroccan Americans. The board covers Moroccan American Community activities, functions, conferences and festivities. News from Morocco, photographic coverage of major events, extensive links and a Moroccan-American Forum. was initially set up as an all-purpose resource for the Moroccan community in North America, but the site has now evolved into a magazine of culture and ideas for people who prefer to discuss and debate Moroccan affairs in English.
    The Maghreb Association of North America (MANA) was founded in 1989. Its mission is to maintain and improve the spirit of community among the friends of the Maghreb region, foster cultural understanding and diversity in a pluralist American society., @MorocOnTheMove and Morocco On The Move on Facebook are initiatives of the Moroccan American Center, a group of three NGOs – The Moroccan American Center for Policy (MACP), The Moroccan American Center for Policy, The Moroccan American Trade and Investment Center (MATIC)The Moroccan American Trade and Investment Center, and The Moroccan American Cultural Center (MACC) – which work to promote relations and mutual understanding between the United States and Morocco. For more about each of the NGOs, our Moroccan American Center Internship Program
    Menara  Database-driven service portal in French and Arabic for  Exhaustive index of Moroccan Web sites by theme, news, Index of Moroccan e-mail addresses, Moroccan yellow and white pages, classified ads, personal ads, events... is your gateway to Moroccan culture, art cuisine, cinema, holidays, music, sport, Moroccan embassy and consulate in London. is the ideal online medium to businesses, restaurants, riads, villas and hotels.
   Magic Morocco Travel site. Good set of recipes.
   The African Studies Association's Morocco page at the University of Pennsylvania   English language only commercial site out of Washington state, USA
  Morocco Online a set of links grouped by travel, media and general
   Marweb  Access a directory and search engine for Maghreb countries that consist of Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, and Tunisia. Search by categories or keywords.
   Morocco Today 
   Moroccan Gateway.  An attractive rich site as part of a larger Arab world Gateway

Arab World Meta Sites:
   Al Bawaba, through its network of sites, combines the most substantive content licensing system in the Arab World with a unique and growing news community, cutting edge technology and first rate journalism. Founded in 2000, Al Bawaba is considered one of the oldest and most pioneering online media websites in the Middle East and North Africa region. The Al Bawaba network consists of several web portals and media platforms, namely the flagship ( site, Sharekna ( ), Al Bawaba Music (, Al Bawaba Blogs ( and Syndigate (
   Mon Maghréb est un portail général sur le Maghréb ARABE UMA. Mon Maghréb est principalement dédié aux femmes, il propose de nombreuses rubriques pratiques : chronique, exemples de la vie réelle, rencontre, forum, débat et discussion, santé, régime, mariage, cuisine traditionnelle, maternité, nutrition, maquillage,… et vous entraîne à la découverte de l’histoire, des cultures et coutumes maghrébines telles que les costumes traditionnels, le mariage ou encore la gastronomie avec des recettes traditionnelles.
Morocco specialty pages

  The High Atlas Foundation formed by former Morocco RPCVs is a separate 501c3 non-profit whose aim is to establish community-based projects in Morocco that local people design in partnership with government and non-government agencies. HAF was created by Peace Corps Volunteers and staff who served in Morocco. Its founders utilize their professional relationships, friendships and knowledge gained during their years of Peace Corps service for the continued benefit of the Moroccan people.
  THE TAZZLA INSTITUTE FOR CULTURAL DIVERSITY is a non-profit, charitable and educational organization, which conducts research on indigenous people of North America and North Africa, and produces Public Access Television documentaries and programs.
El Muhajer the independent Moroccan TV Network over the web covering Moroccans around the world in Arabic.
  Paul Bowles collection at University of Delaware
   Historical Text Archive: Morocco   A collection of historical documents on Morocco
  Electronic telephone directory  for Morocco
  Cyber Gnawas is dedicated to the Gnawa, (or Gnaoua, French spelling) a mystical brotherhood of musician healers based primarily out of Morocco, and their recent representation on the Web. From marginalized subculture to "official" representatives of Moroccan culture, many Gnawa have undergone a dramatic transition in the past decade as their music has been "discovered" by western "world music" lovers. Consequently, the Web has been a central mean of disseminating information about this culture.
  The Amazigh Cultural Association in America (ACAA), Inc., is a non-profit organization for cultural, educational, and scientific purposes to contribute to saving, promoting, and enriching the Amazigh (Berber) language and culture
    The Friendship Caravan, Inc. promotes cross-cultural communication and mutual respect through high profile media events. Our premier event is the creation of a caravan of people, dromedary camels and Arabian horses across America. Its members (Caravaneers) will come from diverse backgrounds representing a variety of cultures and religions spanning the globe. Traversing coast-to-coast from California to New York, this healing pilgrimage will be a year-long itinerant forum of ideas, spirituality, and cultural exchange to promote better understanding among Americans, Europeans, Arabs and Muslims. The Friendship Caravan will begin in Fall 2003
  Jews in Morocco. Rick Gold has put together a fascinating website on Morocco’s Jewish population,  . The site explores the role, history and emigration of Moroccan Jews. It provides a guide to cities and towns throughout the country that once had a significant Jewish presence. For teachers of 3rd and 6th graders, it contains teaching guides. It also provides such resources as community contacts, a description of the Jewish museum and foundation in Casablanca, an extensive bibliography and weblinks.
  Directory of NGOs in Morocco / Répertoire des ONGs au Maroc
    Local Time in Morocco
    Languages of Morocco
    I Love Marrakesh  Links site
    Rak Link Marrakesh tourist information
    Made in Marrakech was created by Marocreation communication. This gate was born with an aim of offering the most complete possible tool on the town of Marrakech
  World Heritage Sites in Morocco (Fez, Marrakech, Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou, Meknes, Volubilis, Tetuoan)
  Sacred sites of Morocco and Islamic pilgrimage from Northwest Africa
  Understanding the Conflict in the western Sahara also available in Tamazight and Français
  Morocco Maps (University of Texas at Austin Map Collection)
Morocco (Lonely Planet)
Morocco (
Morocco (United Nations) [pdf format]

Schools and Educational Institutes' Home Pages
See Learn Arabic for schools in Morocco that teach Arabic
    Home of the Moroccan Educators and Moroccan Students in America
    Study in Morocco 12 programs described
    International Work Camps = Jeunesse des Chantiers Marocains is a non-political, non-profit, non-governmental, non-sectarian youth association, founded to promote cultural tourism ,international youth exchanges & volunteer work in Morocco. Runs international youth short-term projects
    Language Schools in Morocco
    Volunteer in Morocco
    Youth Exchange and Study Program (YES)
    Moroccan-American Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange
    International Students Seeking to Study in the United States: Information and resources about planning and financing your studies in the United States.
    America-Mideast Educational and Training Services, Inc. (AMIDEAST) in Morocco
    Al Akhawayn University American university in Ifrane Morocco
  Center for Cross-cultural Learning (CCCL) organizes a variety of cultural and educational activities which include language courses, seminars and lecture series on Moroccan society and Arab and Islamic cultures, artistic shows and performances and educational excursions in different parts of Morocco. The aim of these activities is to provide participants with the opportunity to learn from the richness of cultural diversity in Morocco and to develop approaches to the understanding and the appreciation of cultural differences.  CCCL is a private institution run by Moroccan academics with years of experience in cross-cultural education. Courses of Fus'ha (Modern Standard Arabic) and Darija (Moroccan Arabic) are taught by experienced teachers and the list of lecturers includes names of outstanding English speaking scholars in the areas of social science, humanities and literature as well as artists, journalists, artisans and working men and women with interest in cultural and social issues.
  Arab American Language Institute in Morocco (AALIM) offers both year-long programs and intensive summer study (4 to 12 weeks) in Arabic language. The language program is supplemented by a rich cultural component (lectures, workshops, outings, trips, etc.). Students may participate on an individual basis or AALIM can custom-design a program for your group of students, and even run the program under your institution's name. AALIM also offers cultural discovery programs, educational tourism with no academic credit or prerequisites. AALIM is also able to organize conferences, workshops, seminars or meetings for your organization or institution.
    Moroccan Association of Researchers and Scholars. (MARS)
    Center for Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown University in Washington, DC serves as a center and forum for teaching, research and discussion of international aspects of Arab development and the relations of Arab countries with the United States.
    Moroccan students at the University of Central Florida, a chapter of a Moroccan American Association called Moroccan American League (MORAL).
    Nelson C. Brown Elementary/High School, Nouasseur This was a DoDDS school located on the now-closed American Nouasseur Air Base from 1952-1963. The alumni association is looking for all former students from all grades. It also has a database for other former base schools located at Ben Guerir, Port Lyautey/Kenitra/Wilhoite, Sidi Slimane and in the Rabat area. Visit the website to reconnect with old friends and share some wonderful Morocco memories.

Commercial Companies

    Retailers of Moroccan goods in the U.S.
    Moroccan rugs and textiles
  American Chamber of Commerce in Morocco
Carl Dawson, Executive Director
Hyatt Regency Casablanca, Place des Nations Unies, 
Casablanca 20000, Morocco
Tel: (212) 22 29 30 28, Fax: (212) 22 48 15 97, 
Email: or
The American Chamber of Commerce in Morocco is a private, non-governmental business organization whose mission is to cooperate with all levels of U.S. and Moroccan government and business in maintaining a partnership for sustained economic growth and mutual prosperity.  The AmCham is an association formed by the leaders of U.S. corporations in Morocco as well as Moroccan companies, multinationals, and other organizations and individuals doing business with the United States.  The American Chamber of Commerce in Morocco was established in 1966 and in 2001 celebrated its 35th year of progress in enhancing the economic relations between the United States and Morocco. The Chamber's members represent a broad spectrum of business and financial affairs, and support the operation of the association through annual dues; the Chamber receives no governmental financial support.
  Morocco Trade and Development Services (MTDS) is a technology solutions provider to individuals, businesses and institutions in Morocco and the developing world. The company’s offerings span network infrastructure and design, Internet access and engineering services, and development consulting.  Register a .ma domain name here.
    Moroccan American Chamber of Commerce To build a strong Moroccan American Business Community based on dedication, commitment, integrity and full support to one another. We promise to help our members achieve their highest success potential while building a stronger economical presence in Central Florida.
    Moroccan Resturants in the U.S.

Cultural Sites

    The World Factbook: Morocco    Maps in Gif, Tiff & PDF Formats.
    Western Sahara - Sahara Occidental   Self-determination of the former Spanish Sahara
    Arabia.on.line    Your digital gateway to Arab business, culture & art.

Travel in Morocco

    Friends of Morocco reference for Travel Services for Morocco
Moroccan National Tourist Office Overview of Morocco's cities, attractions, museums, parks, tour operators, and more.
    Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco Entry requirements, Morocco news, marriage requirements, and more.
    Lonely Planet's Destination Morocco
Lonely Planet's online information will never be a replacement for the book, but there is a lot of excellent information here, and in particular, their traveler's letters are well worth a read.
    Fodors Miniguides Marrakesh guide | Fez and the Middle Atlas guide
The Fodors site offering interesting introductions to the two cities, maps, advice from other travelers, and content on a wide variety of travel topics. It's not particularly deep, but a good introduction.
star    Morocco-guide features useful information about Morocco. This website is an informational site aimed at educating English speakers about Morocco and Moroccan culture
    Wikitravel Morocco is a project to create a free, complete, up-to-date and reliable world-wide travel guide. It is built in collaboration by Wikitravellers from around the globe.
    Journey without Travel Guide to Morocco: blog
    World 66 Travel page on Morocco an open content travel guide, where people from all over the planet can write about the places they love
  Adventures in Morocco extensive travel guide, coming from Norway, with loads of photos from all over the country. Check out the interactive map, information on 100 cities, currency calculator and the original sound clips. Good general information and great detail. However, ad-rich with many pop-ups.
    The Magic of Morocco Guides to the cities of Marrakech, Tangier, Casablanca, Agadir, Meknes, Fez, and more. Slideshows of Casablanca, Fez, Meknes, and Essaouira. Information on museums in Tangier, Fez, Meknes, Rabat, Marrakech, and other Moroccan towns. Information on places to visit, including Chefchaouen, Tangier, Bou Attarin Medersa, Fez, Djemaa el Fna, and Marrakech. Owned and operated by Paley Media. Our mission is to emerge as the leading informational resource for World Wide Web audiences seeking travel, e-commerce, and business to business services for foreign countries. web page on the French Language including a "Moroccan Culture Series" written by Casablanca resident, Laura K. Lawless.
    IgoUgo is a unique community where regular tourists become travel writers".  Lots of disorganized tourist slices of Morocco under both "Destinations" and "Journals about. is a travel site offering search for hotels, riads, apartments, cars and restaurants.

Home Pages- Moroccan
    The Wafin group capitalizes on its members' expertise, rich resources, and broad knowledge to consolidate its existing projects as well as develop new ones., a popular site with 2000 members and an average of 25,000 regular visitors a month, was designed to give voice to the Moroccan community in North America. The site provides the community with expert consultation in administrative, legal, financial, and social services. At a higher level, writers and readers with wide-ranging interests are regularly invited to exchange their views on the national and global issues involving our country. The experience is being replicated in countries that host a large Moroccan Community.
    The Moroccan American House Association (MAHA) is a non-for-profit organization based on collaborative endeavors of its board and members to be at the service of Moroccan immigrants in the U.S. especially in New York City.
    Abdellah Regragui  Conference Interpreter

Personal Home Pages- FOM members

     Ed Hermann (Marrakech '93 - '95) and Dan Dillon (Safi '93 - '95) planned a reunion for all Morocco RPCVs.  The event took place in Kansas City on June 13-15, 2003. 
     Dave Keiser RPCV Safi '98-'00 manages a mailing list (electronic bulletin board) called Moroccan Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Association.  You can just check it out by going to and registering.  The door is open to all RPCVs and PC/Morocco.  Contact Dave Keiser at
   RPCVs from Morocco in Stage 1998... and a few others!
   RPCVs in Morocco Stage 1996. 
   Peace Corps Morocco 87-89 Contact Sandra L Barton at for contact list.
   Morocco RPCVs 1984 Stage is for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Morocco, loosely focused on those of us in the 194 Stage. But of course, anyone interested is welcome to join. The intent of this group is to stay in touch with one another, faciliate reunions, and communicate with Moroccan friends and coworkers.
   Peace Corps Morocco 81-83 Contact Tom Coyne at for contact list
   Peace Corps Morocco 76-80 network (lapsed):  purpose is to provide a permanent place for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, -- who served in Morocco at any time, for any length of time during the years: 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, or 1980 -- to network and stay connected.  Reunion held August 4-6, 2000 in Colorado
   Peace Corps Morocco I-VI 1962-68.  Contact J. Jacques Van der Water for periodic Newsletter
   Directors of Peace Corps Morocco : A Chronology
   US Ambassadors to Morocco

  To live is to fly: the quest for the perfect couscous.  Blog by Small Business Development PCV in Taroudant Region
  Adventures Of A Young Twentysomething.  Blog by Elizabeth Whitton
  AE female PCV in the Middle Atlas of Morocco
  Bri Weaves
  A Moroccan Journey: Joshua Cabell
  Life Called
  Live Peace Morocco
  Mara in Morocco
  Laura in Morocco
  Brian In Morocco
  Mia In Morocco
  Meg Goes Global: Read all about my adventures as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Souss of rural Morocco
  A Few Simple Adjustments: For family, friends and the curious.  I've just returned from a stint as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ouarzazate, Morocco working with rural artisans.
  Erin's Blog
  Kate's Blog
  Mia's Blog
  Shukran, Maroc! Thank you, Morocco! On September 11, 2004 I (E. Bruce) began my 27-month adventure with the United States Peace Corps as a youth development volunteer in Morocco. This journal is public and is meant to be a record of my experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer.
  Dara Walsh experiences as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco (to 4/2006).
  Dorian Allyn blogs from her Peace Corps service 1994-96 in Memoires of Morocco
  Carol McCreary has assembled an excellent resource page for travel in Morocco particularly Marrakesh, the High Atlas and Essourira.  
thé à la menthe: Reflections on far away Morocco BLOG by Bill Day with news articles, links and ruminations
 Lost in the Sahara, by Jeffrey Tayler a PCV in Morocco who tells how “a freak sandstorm turns a simple desert excursion into a desperate drive.” From the pages of the Salon, a top notch literary web 'zine. Also from ex-PCV Jeffrey Taylor, “Save Me, Wild Qahba” tells of his wild night -- and the “fallen women” -- in a Morocan hash house. Also from Salon.
    Africa John's Stone Beads Fabulously Colored Original Stone Beads Each bead individually hand cut by Africa John (Paulas, Boured and Tangier (68-71). New Hand Sculpted Stone and Original Gem Beads, Stones, Necklaces, and Ensembles
    Neighbors by Orin Hargraves Morocco 1980-1982. Peace Corps Stories by volunteers
    The Rhythm of Women by Kathryn Crabb Morocco 1995-1997. Peace Corps Stories by volunteers
    Sam Werberg and Denise Mulligan (Fez 1996-2000) maintain a family web site which include photos from Morocco 1999-2000 and the return in 2003.
    Christian Fowkes (Taza as well as the village of Beni Snane 1998-2000 ) Tons of Info and Pictures from Peace Corps Morocco
Peace Corps Links
    Peace Corps/Morocco
    PC Morocco: Everything you need in one place A website for and by current, incoming and potential Peace Corps Morocco Volunteers. 
    Peace Corps:  The US Government Agency
    Peace Corps kids page on Morocco
    National Peace Corps Association
    Peace Corps Polyglot The blog of the National Peace Corps Association
    Peace Corps Online:  The independent news forum serving returned Peace Corps volunteers
   Chicago area Peace Corps Association Peace Corps Links:   "A comprehensive guide to Peace Corps related resources on the internet."
    Peace Corps Crossroads:   THE Peace Corps-related meta site but moribund since June 1st, 2000.  Still rich.

        Government web sites on Morocco

  US Embassy in Morocco
US Agency for International Development (USAID) in Morocco Embassy mirror site
  US State Department:  Morocco
Background Note
Consular Information Sheet
Quick Links to Selected Major Reports and Other Resources
     US Ambassadors to Morocco since 1905
   US CIA Fact Book on Morocco
    The U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library - Morocco
    US Energy Information Administration Country Analysis Brief - An overview of the energy situation in this country and Annual Energy and Energy-Related Data
    National Weather Service Current Weather Conditions for Morocco
    US Department of Labor Report on Morocco
   French Embassy in Morocco

Blogs, ListServes and News Groups

    Morocco-related Blogs

The a la Menthe  Morocco-related observations from Bill Day 88-90 Outat El Haj.

760 Days in Morocco adventures and mishaps of an American expat living in Rabat, Morocco. A no-holds-barred view of living in Morocco based on daily life, travel adventures and culinary quests

Laila Lalami Literary blog by author Laila Lalami.

The View From Fes  Team English language Observations from the old Medina of Fez in Morocco.

El Glaoui  links to the most popular posts in the view from fez and a source of information for anyone intending to visit the old medina of fez in morocco.

View from Morocco  These are the lifestyle pages from The View from Fez. If you want to know where to eat in Marrakech, or Tangier, or what day trip to take from Fez... or even which is the best bar in Meknes.

Morocco travel information   Lots of postings from accross the web and subjects beyond travel in Morocco

Moroccan Plasterer! The weblog of Abbelkader - one of the master craftsmen of the Fez Medina in Morocco.

The World From Rabat  Comments and thoughts about daily events in Morocco and the World. 

Ghasbouba Personal blog of Bouba alias Azegzaw, a moroccan saharaoui and amazigh documenting ideas, verbiage, impressions, reflections on the "industry" of knowledge and how it does affect Amazigh people. This blog is about art, religion, globalization, human rights,mint tea, couscous, and student life.

Cat in Rabat

Morocco Time  A personal blog.

Bloggin’ the Maghreb all about the most romantic part of Africa - the Maghreb, or Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia.

The Morocco Report

Morocco Savvy

BO18 blogspot Moroccan ramblings from London (some political)

eatbees blog covers diverse topics including Morocco

Louis-fes Blog Welcome to the wonderful world of Fes and our restoration of Dar Mernissi, a classic fassi house.

Dar Mystere A small but perfectly formed traditional house in the ancient Medina of the spiritual capital of Morocco

My Marrakesh A place for lifestyle and design and the bemused tales of an American family’s quest to build a guest house in Marrakesh

Refusenik Personal blog of Moroccan woman in Maryland

Agregateur des blogs marocains: tous les titres de la blogosphère marocaine en un seul coup d\'oeil!

Annuaire des blogs marocains 

    Interactive web site. is where Moroccans meet to talk. There is not language; there are no borders, no protocols. Just plain old fashion Moroccans getting together with friends and family, online. Moroccan American Forums
    Commercial News Services 
    INMAP (Ingénieurs Marocains à Paris) Liste de diffusion pour les ingénieurs marocains à Paris  Une nouvelle liste de diffusion réservée aux ingénieurs marocains travaillant à Paris ou en Banlieue (Ile de France) vient de voir le jour. Baptisé INMAP (Ingénieurs Marocains à Paris) cette liste de diffusion a pour but de rapprocher ces ingénieurs entre eux et de favoriser un espace d'échange d'idées et d'élaborations de projets.  Pour s'inscrire à la liste, il suffit aux intéressés d'envoyer un message à l'adresse suivante :  Les messages, quant à eux, doivent être adressés à l'adresse

    MAROC-WWW: Forum for discussion between Moroccans and friends of Morocco.
  OUAHA (Oasis) is a mailing list for Moroccans and friends of Morocco. The members discuss all kinds of issues related to Morocco and chat by e-mail or in the OUAHA Chat Room
  alt.culture.morocco:  News group on Morocco
    PCORPS-L  PCORPS-L is designed to facilitate communication between past, potential and present U. S. Peace Corps volunteers. Volunteers from other organizations in other countries are also encouraged to participate.  This one tends to be more interesting than the news group alt.peacecorps
    Maroc list  The aim of the list "Maroc" is to allow everyone to share any information relating to Morocco. Not moderated ; messages can be indifferently posted in English or French.  Especially welcome are all contributions allowing to follow and to understand economic, political, social, cultural, artistic topicality, and more ... of the country.  However, the list aims to offer a free and opened area, allowing to meet people, to chat, or to discuss any subject relating to Morocco.
    Morocco Chat:  A quiet chat room in the UK

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